Editor’s note: The following video is a clip from a 19-part series filmed at a Truthdig and KPFK co-sponsored event in Los Angeles recently. The discussion features Oliver Stone, the Academy Award-winning screenwriter and director, and Robert Scheer, Truthdig’s editor in chief. The two talk about “The Putin Interviews,” a new Showtime series by Stone, as well as the published transcript, for which Scheer wrote the foreword. We are publishing one video per day. This is the second installment.
“The [Boris] Yeltsin period is looked back on as a disaster by most Russians,” says Oliver Stone, “where American [advisers] helped open up the store to oligarchs.” The director goes on to tie the former leader to current Russian President Vladimir Putin, who once worked under Yeltsin.

Watch the next clip in the series, in which Stone discusses Putin’s attempts to work with American leaders, on Thursday.

— Posted by Natasha Hakim Zapata