Ron Paul Institute Conference 2017 Is Sold Out!

written by: ron paulThe Ron Paul Peace and Prosperity Institute


Americans want peace, but their government will not allow it.

Not only does polling reflect this desire of American citizens, but so does the ballot box.

One president after another is elected promising peace, only to disappoint like his predecessor.

With each passing day, more and more Americans are coming to realize that the U.S. military empire is draining the lifeblood out of this country and our economy.

It’s not financially and economically possible to police the world for very long.

Severe financial crisis and total bankruptcy is always the endgame for every country that tries it.

We’re told that America is “exceptional” in this regard. But the facts are telling us otherwise. The middle class is being devoured by the militarist agenda and Federal Reserve inflation that finances it.

But there’s always hope. Bad ideas can always be replaced with good ones.
I’m very pleased to announce, that for the second consecutive year, The Ron Paul Institute Conference is totally sold out!

Peace is Popular!

Thank you, and we’re all looking forward to September 9th!

Reprinted with permission from Ron Paul Liberty Report.