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By: Zain Raza

Published 5-11-2017

In this video Dr. Shir Hever talks about the history and evolution of the Israeli military industrial complex from the 1980s onwards until the modern era.

To view Part 1 of this video series, which focuses on the military industrial complex of Israel from when the state of Israel was formed in 1947 until the 1980s, click here.

VIDEO: The Military Industrial Complex of Israel – Part 2 of 2

VIDEO: The Military Industrial Complex of Israel – Part 1 of 2

To view our playlist with Dr. Shir Hever, click here.

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Shir HeverDr. Shir Hever is an independent economic researcher and journalist. He writes articles and research for various venues and gives lectures in political and academic venues. Hever also reports for the Real News Network. He is the author of The Privatisation of Israeli Security (Pluto, 2017) and The Political Economy of Israel’s Occupation (Pluto, 2010).