Dear Mr. President, I’m Writing You Because Nuclear Winter or Peace with Russia Is Your Only Choice. | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

06-03-18 10:18:00,

The Russian Brass has patiently and ceaselessly argued since almost the inception of the modern Russian state that the United States and NATO missile shield elements, when used in conjunction with a surprise nuclear attack to mop up whatever surviving retaliatory nuclear missiles are launched from Russian territory, have shattered the tenuous peace M.A.D. affords us and has restarted the cold war down an even darker and more dangerous path for all of humanity, future and present. 

This military adventure and scrapping of ballistic missile treaties long past the planning stages as of Bush Jr’s helm suggests reducing Russian territory and cityscapes to infernos of radioactive rubble, and receiving limited but acceptable reprisal attacks, thus in there minds at least shattering the concept of Mutually Assured Destruction.

Some of them believe they can win a Nuclear war, or they must because they have it embedded now in military doctrine including in academies and the battlefield in numerous drills.

Subservient media peddles the war propaganda for the times. I don’t need to watch CNN or likewise to know we are being lied to, but it becomes painfully obvious when people do, no doubt.

US military planners actually believe that they can for decades embargo countries, openly plan for their nuclear destruction, and strangle and encircle them militarily while running threatening drills and developing and fielding so-called defensive weapons on Russia’s doorstep without them upping the anty as they have been forced to, fielding deadlier and more evasive nuclear delivery systems.

Remember, as scary as MSNBC or CNN or whatever criminal syndicate is ranting about how provocative and dangerous Russia is in announcing all these deadly countermeasures, just tell your people that these are bald faced lies and Russia was forced into this position, into having to project power, having to show its hand, and that indeed its these Russian offensive measures that are keeping us hopefully within the realm of a non starter as far as starting a Nuclear war with Russia goes.

The balance of Mutually Assured Destruction is back in full force and its up to the US administration and Military to accept that and abandon there Skitzafrenic plans for defeating Russia militarily.

Here is my letter to the President.

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