The Truth About the Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria | The Vineyard of the Saker

The Truth About the Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria | The Vineyard of the Saker

09-04-18 07:04:00, is published by The FP Group, a division of Graham Holdings Company. Donald Edward Graham is Chairman of Graham Holdings Company. He was formerly the lead independent director of Facebook’s board of directors. Facebook is a well known CIA-controlled company. Graham is also an invitee of the Bilderberg Group. Therefore I do not personally take this source too serious, in this case.

And even if the person saying this through, this is no hard evidence against Assad.People lie in wars. The person could be lying through his teeth, or could have been exposed by gas from extreme sects.

Russia and Syria wanted an independent investigation, but did not get it. To me that says something.

Syria’s democracy, who strongly supports Assad, has no reason to use illegal gas in a war they are winning with conventional means, with support of Putin, who is also strongly democratically supported by Russians.

Using gas is a crime of war, and we all know which side in this war, and what kind of people in this war, are well known for illegal crimes against humanity. They must of course be prime suspects here. That is secteristic dictators and the regime in the USA since the end of WW2, these death cults, who are well known for such crimes against humanity. Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Agent Orange, depleted uranium warheads, invasion with no evidence of chemical weapons in Iraq. You name it! That regime did it, without democratic support for such mass-killings from the US citizens.

These extreme death cults are loosing the war. A majority of Syrians hate them for this war, and therefore the extreme sects have all reasons to use gas and blame it on Syria’s democracy. Their sect allows lies if it benefits them.

The military industrial complex’s psychopaths have all reasons to use lies to convince the US citizens. War brings money into their pockets. The US citizens pay for it. Well, the richest 1% now pays much less for it, thanks to the republicans and Trump.

Who will pay this bill is still unknown, but probably the US citizens 99% will pay to the rich death cult sects, as usual, unless there is a big change, like Democratic Socialists, true Libertarians and The Green joining in a rainbow coalition to get rid of the corrupt warmongering s.c.

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