Massive US and EU Street Protests Are the Only Way to Avoid War

Massive US and EU Street Protests Are the Only Way to Avoid War

10-04-18 09:35:00,

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The invaluable Michael Krieger wrote about this yesterday, and he is absolutely right – the weak spot in the establishment’s march to war is the strong popular mood against it on the left and right, and the transparently absurd lying coming from the war-happy crowd. This provides an opening for a broad-based, massive anti-war movement uniting an otherwise fractured and feuding public.

After reading and republishing his article, I started asking: is this in any way realistic?

I think it is.

The fact is that the usual suspects are trying to frog-march America and the EU to war using old-fashioned techniques of false flags and lying in a completely new environment of relative informational openness. Yes the Deep State can use Google and Creepybook to tilt the odds in their favor, but only up to a point. If that works so well, how do you explain the election of Trump?, Brexit? or a dozen similar unexpected outcomes?

The 2016 elections were an emphatic rejection of these ridiculous wars. Combine the MAGA crowd with Bernie Bros, and you have a good 70% of the country saying quite emphatically – No!

The kindling of a major anti-war movement is very dry and could well burst into flames.


1) the memory of the Iraq war and the wide belief by most people that we were lied to, 2) the grinding economic difficulties of most Americans who will see the war as another stupid distraction from more urgent and pressing economic problems, 3) the likelihood that the war will send the economy into a nose-dive, 4) wide-spread anti-migrant sentiment, 5) the veterans out there furious about the last wars – going back to Vietnam, 6) the historically low trust in the media – down in the 30% area.

Past anti-war movements were decidedly ideologically on the Left. It wasn’t what a good Republican, patriot, veteran, etc, would do. Not anymore. This time around those guys would probably be at the front of the picket lines.

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