War & Who is the Aggressor? | Armstrong Economics

War & Who is the Aggressor? | Armstrong Economics

13-04-18 09:19:00,

What is very clear is that the philosophy adopted by the US military post-World War II seriously threatens world peace and it diminishes the dignity of the United States. In the Cycle of War report, I provided the evidence that every single war we have engaged in has been a lie not just the invasion of Iraq because they had weapons of mass destruction when it was all about oil and making money for Dick Cheney’s friends. Sadly, George Bush Jr will go down in history for being the aggressor when it would be a miracle if he even knew where Iraq was, to begin with. Then there was the fake news that Vietnam attacked the USA. Even Lyndon Johnson lied to the nation on TV and privately said the Americans were probably shooting at whales that night not a Vietnamese attack.

Even the sinking of the Lusitania was a deliberate act by the USA to justify getting involved in the war because Americans were isolationists. The Germans even took out an advertisement warning that the Lusitania would be sunk because it was using passengers as cover to move weapons to Britain. Our military sacrificed its own citizens to justify war.

Then there was Operation Northwoods where the documents have come out showing that the CIA wanted to kill Americans and blame it on Cuba to start a war. Every single war has been started with fake news all so some in the Military get to play with their toys no matter how many boys die for their games.

The critical problem we face is truly monumental. It is a vast problem that has consumed foreign policy discussions for decades. The underlying Syria issue brings to the surface the core problem. Besides the fact that it was the US invasion of Iraq that has unleashed the war in Syria since Sadam prevented the religious fanatics to ever gain a foothold. There was no civil war in Syria before removing Sadam. Mercenaries have come from all over to fight in Syria. It is not even purely a civil war.

The issue at hand is a very serious set of questions. (1) What is America’s role in the world?

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