· by Ole Dammegard · May 14, 2018

On Sunday May 20th Max Igan joins Ole Dammegard and our webinar to have an in-depth conversation about the roll out of 5G, the Smart grid, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Smart cities, which is all set to be part the NWO control system and Depopulation Program. Max Igan is an International speaker, researcher, radio host, and film-maker who has spent a major part of his life devoted to finding out the Truth about what is really going in the world today. If you have not already seen them, take the chance to check out some of Max’s amazing films, such as The Awakening (2008)The Calling (2009) and Trance-Formation (2012).

Due to limited spaces, make sure to get yours now. We hope you can join us. Click on one of the buttons below and make any kind of donation which will then take you to the Webinar-page itself (active on May 20th). Welcome!

Sunday the 20th of May
8.30 pm CET (Paris, Stockholm)
7.30 pm CET (London)
2.30 pm EST (New York)
11.30 am PST (Los Angeles)
4.30 am Monday (Melbourne)

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