Ron Paul: Haspel Is Not The Problem…The CIA Is The Problem

Ron Paul: Haspel Is Not The Problem…The CIA Is The Problem

23-05-18 07:02:00,

If you live outside DC, you’re a foreigner, if outside wall street, you’re an alien, and if outside the MIC, you’re DISPENSABLE! November 2018, will be the battle between privilege, and disenfranchised.

If you want your Republic, you’re gonna hafta fight for it. So, start recruiting your liberty battalions, the fight will be LOCAL, the victory, NATIONAL!

This is not the time for “theory”, come November, the rubber meets the road!

Don’t argue with recruits, don’t browbeat them, just ask questions, and LISTEN! It’ll take many attempts before you succeed in making em SEE the light and that’s why you need to LISTEN, so you can recalibrate your questions to them.

Ask questions like:

“what if you had more money in your pocket?”

“what if you had less stress in your life?”

“what if you had less fear in your life?”

“what if you had more time for family?”

Use your imagination folks! Let them talk, ramble, or what have you, your part is to LISTEN, ATTENTIVELY and SYMPATHETICALLY! Don’t judge them, just listen, and you’ll discover what they’ll BUY!

After understanding their preferences, integrate it into your pitch, and gently, but SURELY make the PITCH that what they really DESIRE, is LIBERTY! Freedom to LIVE life ABUNDANTLY.

Do that, and you have an auxiliary vote in the bag. Now, you need to understand, you’re RESPONSIBLE for your auxiliaries, so don’t betray their confidence by fighting on behalf of dirt bags!

Choose your candidates CAREFULLY, you’re gonna be fighting for them, alongside your auxiliaries, make it worth your energy.

One auxiliary, two auxiliaries, no auxiliaries, thousands of auxiliaries, it matters not! What matters, is the FIGHT IN YOU, not the you in the fight!

Good luck, God speed, happy Liberty RECOVERY!…

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