Russia-bashing is Turning into an Unreasonably Expensive Obsession | New Eastern Outlook

Russia-bashing is Turning into an Unreasonably Expensive Obsession | New Eastern Outlook

25-06-18 05:02:00,


The constant barrage of anti-Russian propaganda has started acquiring purely paranoid features, notes the German Weltexpress, and it’s really hard to argue with this. At the same time, anyone who is trying to express a different opinion is immediately singled out, intimidated and bullied into obedient silence.

It is not difficult to notice distinctive traits behind this whole anti-Russian hysteria, traits of certain organizations that are tied directly to the US governments and a number of individual European capitals. A wide range of NGOs implanted across the world by special interests is working to advance a certain agenda dictated by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and nobody is making a big secret out of the fact a great many of the so-called investigative journalists are being trained to push the claims that they wouldn’t otherwise make by a number of US-linked companies, such as Internews and the likes.

Such notions like ethics and moral principles do not prevent these people from getting actively engaged in highly dubious activities. This, in particular, is illustrated by the the latest incident with the staged false assassination of Ukrainian journalist Arkady Babchenko that was staged by Ukrainian intelligence agencies. The former demanded local media sources to hand him over 50 thousand dollars so he could tell them all about the alleged “Russian trace” in this ridiculous performance.

However, if fake anti-Russian provocations are relatively cheap when the West is dealing with Ukraine, most Washington-related PR people are willing to get paid a little extra before they get back to their routine Russia-bashing activities with renewed determination. For instance, the Independent has recently blown the lid off the so-called Russiagate by announcing that a Washington-based Fusion GP hired an ex-MI-6 employee Christopher Steele to fabricate a dossier about Trump’s connections with Russia. The media source is convinced that Steele got 168 thousand dollars to do the dirty job, however Donald Trump himself announced in his Twitter that he convinced that the above mentioned former agent got 12 million dollars for his services.

Nobody would argue that any propaganda campaign is extremely expensive, but it seems that these days Washington spares no dime on its anti-Russian activities. For instance, the staging of the show known as the Salisbury incident the blame for which was blamed on Russia from the first hours after the event,

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