“You Are Unbalanced”: Hungarian Foreign Minister Shuts Down Enraged BBC Reporter Over EU Migration

27-06-18 11:54:00,

The Melting Pot is Melting Down.

War on whites, if you’re white, you’re over with. Tell me why you believe we can survive a race war and a national debt of $21 trillion? The left has it planned and rigged to take us out, so how are you going to fight back when the police state targets you because you’re white and social justice warrior communist in the government have designated whites as enemy number one.

Obama planned this with his Bill Ayers communist. He even went to central America to make the deal, send your poor north and we will pay for them. They’re coming at over two million a year. There are over 30 million illegals here and many are communist. Many ethnic foreigners illegal and legal are working to displace white people. THAT is the platform of the Democratic Communist Party of ethnic racist. Openly broadcasting the DNC advocates a race war. Many times now and nothing said against it, by both parties and the communist MSM. They have the street soldiers who will fight to take our country. The GOVERNMENT is designed and programmed to hold whites down if they fight back. We better take guns from the whites, they might fight back, right Feinstein?

The civil war is based on a race war and the communist believe they can win a race war. They’re openly talking about bombing and burning in communist publications. There are foreign communist from all over the world ready and waiting. Thanks to Obama.(noticed how Obama has disappeared, it’s highly likely he would be killed in a race war, or maybe his death would trigger a greater race war like when MLK was killed, the blacks burned every city in America, bombs going off, it was a real war, but the numbers are much much greater today and all the communist like Bill Ayers remember the riots and the burning of US cities. The communist openly talk about an armed insurgency with fire bombs.)

Ever heard of La Raza? These kids are the Mexican KKK, that Obama gave tax payer money for the purpose of displacing and liquidating the whites. It’s all race and we’re in a race war. There are many many groups set up to instigate for a race war.

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