Excellent Russian Analysis of Upcoming Trump – Putin Helsinki Meeting from Russian TV’s New York Correspondent

Excellent Russian Analysis of Upcoming Trump – Putin Helsinki Meeting from Russian TV’s New York Correspondent

11-07-18 08:50:00,

Everything you need to know, and without the usual BS from the major US networks.

That’s what Lavrov himself said.

Sergey Lavrov: “Summits are being prepared at various levels, in various formats, and one of the stages of preparation for the Helsinki summit, which will be held on July 16, was the visit of the US National Security Advisor John Bolton. During the visit, it was the American side who proposed to hold a meeting of the foreign ministers prior to the summit. We agreed, of course. But yesterday, Mike Pompeo said in a telephone conversation that his schedule was extremely tight and he just physically couldn’t meet before the summit.”

So, he refers to the lack of time. But, in fact, we always have time; the question is, what we spend it on. Does it mean that for the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the summit, for which his president “has been preparing all his life,” is not a priority? Where is the truth here? But maybe I’m just finding fault, and everything, as Trump says, will be “perfect”? Let’s hope so. In any case, on Wednesday, Putin politely wished Trump a happy Independence Day. Putin did not neglect this formality and took the time to send his compliments.

Our correspondent Valentin Bogdanov is reporting from the USA.

Part of Americans which opposes Donald Trump is afraid to leave him face-to-face with Vladimir Putin. However, the American president himself shows confidence in Great Falls, VA while meeting with his supporters 1,5 weeks before the summit. The head of the White House is going to get along with the Russian leader despite ill tongues.

Donald Trump: “Now they’re discussing the meeting with Putin. Like, Putin is ready for the meeting, but will Trump be ready for it? Trust me, it will be just fine. We’ll do it. Fake news, bad people.”

These bad people also got at American congressmen who had recently visited Russia. Headed by Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama, they were almost labeled as Moscow’s agent of influence.

John Brennan, CIA director (2013-2017): “This is alarming: first, it should have been a bipartisan delegation. It’s unclear if the American media will go and will be allowed to attend the talk behind closed doors.

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