All-Time Heat Records Are Being Broken as Planetwide Heatwave Continues | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda

12-07-18 07:11:00,

Temperatures have been exceptionally high the past few days and the people across the Northern Hemisphere have been feeling it big time. From Scotland to the US temperatures are really rising.

Thousands have been forced to leave their homes in California and plenty are without power as this heatwave prompts a high electricity demand and wildfires rage. The temperature at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) actually reached 111 degrees on the 6th and thus surpassed the previous record of 109. This being a record set well before the 2000s.

UCLA High Temperature just hit 111 degrees, so it has now set an all-time record. The old all time high was 109 set on Sept. 20th 1939. #LAweather #LAheat #SoCal

— NWS Los Angeles (@NWSLosAngeles) July 7, 2018

Most of Southwest California was under red flag warning from the 6th until this weekend and who knows what else might come from all of this. China has also been seeing record highs in recent times as they have been dealing with sweltering heat since May. There is no doubting this has something to do with warming of the planet itself. All of these things should be seen as quite worrying signs.

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