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12-07-18 07:46:00,

Time and again, we have seen how deceptive reports have sent the West headlong into conflict after conflict: Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, … the list is long and growing.

Many media portals exist proclaiming to have real, legitimate news, but unless they are 100% independent it becomes difficult to know to what extent their newscasts are imbued with spin.

In battling this onslaught of disinformation, the Global Research website remains completely independent: no funding from governments, foundations or institutions. Asides from a small advertising revenue, it exists solely on account of the contribution of its readership.

As Graeme MacQueen writes:

Today, more than ever before, war depends on deception. To oppose war without seeing through the deceptions currently being practiced by governments of the West is to act in vain. I have visited many websites that attempt to offer alternatives to the mainstream media, but I have been disappointed repeatedly by their inability or refusal to challenge these myths and deceptions.

Global Research bravely takes on this task, and that is why it is a vital resource for us all. This is why I have made its website my homepage and why I have taken out a membership. I hope you will do the same. – Prof. Graeme MacQueen (for list of articles, click here), Co-editor, Journal of 9/11 Studies

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