New Law Could Exempt Thousands of Genetically Engineered Foods From Labeling | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda

13-07-18 06:46:00,

An analysis of newly proposed rule changes reveals that thousands of genetically engineered foods may be exempt from upcoming labeling requirements.

By Derrick Broze

As the U.S. Department of Agriculture works to establish a uniform  national standard for labeling foods that may be genetically engineered,  critics continue to call out the dangers of putting the federal  government in charge of the situation. The federal government was first  granted this authority in July 2016 when former President Obama signed  into law a bill which amended the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946 to  require the Secretary of Agriculture to establish the national standard  for labeling GE foods. The bill was hailed as a victory for activists,  and a boost for the economy as it would help keep food costs down for  low income families. Unfortunately, the bill was neither.

Instead, the bill denied states and localities the right to choose  how to label food that has been genetically engineered and gave the  power to label the food to a government with well-known close  relationships to the biotechnology industry, including Monsanto, Bayer,  Syngenta and others. Evidence that it was not a wise idea to give the  U.S. government authority over labeling genetically engineered crops   has already appeared as reports indicate that a large number of crops  may be exempt from labeling.

In early May, the Department of Agriculture released a draft rule  describing how the labeling law is supposed to be implemented. Between  May and July 3, the USDA received 14,008 public comments. The comments  indicate that some of the public is concerned about the language used  in the rule. “The term bioengineered should not be used. It is both  misleading and confusing to consumers. GMO, GE or Genetic Engineering  should be used instead,” one commenter writes. “Please make all food  items labeled correctly as GMO so consumers know exactly what they are  purchasing,” another said.

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