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The European Commission earlier this month stepped up a legal battle with Hungary


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August 1, 2018

EU Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker targeted Hungary for its policy relative to migrants and NGOs which aid them, and is pursuing legal action against the Central European country. Orban, on the other hand, is responding that it doesn’t matter what he thinks or does since his commission is soon to expire.

He also pointed out that it’s not right to go after countries which defend their borders, defend their culture, defend their way of life, and defend their native populations against what he describes as an ‘invasion’.

Express reports

HUNGARY’S Viktor Orban has fired a warning shot at the EU executive reminding Brussels bosses that its days are “numbered” as his ongoing row with the bloc over migration continues to rage.

The Hungarian prime minister called for a new approach to migration policy, warning that the next Commission should not punish countries that protect their borders from migrants.

Mr Orban, one of the strongest opponents of the EU’s migration policy, said the days of the current EU executive, led by Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker are “numbered” with its mandate expiring in May next year.

The European Commission earlier this month stepped up a legal battle with Hungary over EU migration rules, declaring illegal a new Hungarian law that criminalises support for asylum seekers.

It referred Hungary to the EU Court of Justice “for non-compliance of its asylum and return legislation with EU law”.

The controverisal Hungarian leader said the Commission’s decision was insignificant as its mandate was running out soon.

He said the current decisions and proposals of the Commission were like “the last movements of frogs’ legs in biological experiments which we saw when we were at school, which no longer had significance”.

Mr Orban told state radio: “We need a new Commission with a new approach.

“We need a Commission after the European elections which does not punish those countries that protect their borders like Hungary.”

He said the EU executive should instead punish those who let millions of migrants into Europe in violation of the existing rules of the EU.

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