The Press Conspire to Influence the Elections Come November 2018 to Overthrow Trump | Armstrong Economics

The Press Conspire to Influence the Elections Come November 2018 to Overthrow Trump | Armstrong Economics

23-08-18 07:47:00,

The FAKE NEWS is banning together to try to overthrow Trump and the Republicans this election season. They do not like to be called FAKE NEWS and act as if their “opinion” should dominate the country. Far too many newspapers “endorse” candidates and that is taking a political position rather than being objective reporters of the news. The Boston Globe has been leading a charge to coordinate all the press in the country to target Trump and effectively overthrow the government. So many people from outside the USA are shocked at how Trump is treated by CNN. These people are fake news for they believe that have a right to CREATE the news and SHAPE it to what they want to see. The Boston Globe is biased and actually wrote on October 8th, 2016:

“THIS ELECTION ISN’T a close call. Only one candidate on the ballot Nov. 8 belongs anywhere near the White House, and it’s Hillary Clinton.”

Murrow Edward R (1908-1965)

The Boston Globe claims “journalists are not the enemy” but in fact, they are the number one enemy. Free Press is not the right to push only their opinion. They report nothing!!!!! Once upon a time, a “news reporter” was someone who reported the news – they were not engaged in propaganda and manufacturing the news. OPINION has no place in reporting!!!! Edward R. Murrow had integrity. Even I cannot forecast a market based upon OPINION. You have to be objective at ALL times. ABC to news reporter Brian Ross had to resign because of fake news. Now a Harvard study published May 18th, 2017 reveals what many Americans are starting to talk about openly just how corrupt the press has become.

The mainstream press has waged outright war on Trump bombarding the public for the last couple of years with flat-out war propaganda against Trump and then claim innocence. The NY Post has emerged as the only real unbiased newspaper in New York City. It has repeatedly called out “American journalism is collapsing before our eyes.” Indeed, Journalists now come in near the bottom of the poll ranking public respect for professions according to Gallup Polls. Indeed, the NY Post reported the truth that is so obvious to us all that the Media is more interested in hating Trump than reporting news.

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