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30-08-18 12:29:00,

candlelight says:


My hat’s off to you and congratulations for being immortalized so to speak vis-a-vis James’ show notes! lol

But, actually, it is you in particular I wanted to address this evening with regard to an article in today’s New York Times titled ‘The Whole world Is Watching’: Chicago Convention, 50 Years Later. You can certainly google the article if you don’t get the Times. But, I wanted to bring to your attention a certain titillating paragraph which made me immediately think of you given your mother’s connection:

“TAYLOR PENSONEAU, 27, St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter: There was some humor at the start. The Yippies brought a pig into the Civic Center [on Aug. 23] and nominated it for president. They demanded immediate Secret Service protection for the pig. Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman were arrested, and the pig was “arrested.” I watched them put the pig in a paddy wagon.”

The above depicts exactly the kind of antics that for a prepubescent youth such as I was, just coming of age, and just coming to the realization that all wasn’t right with our country’s politics, and just beginning to question the morality of our “war” in Vietnam, as were many around me, inspired a love and adoration for the likes of a Jerry Rubin and an Abbie Hoffman. It’s even now hard to put into words the true depth and enlightenment of their anarchic farcical genius!

By the way, I’m sure for the attorney, the pig was the easiest to defend, as there’s no doubt the cops neglected to read it its Miranda Rights!

Perhaps, a new circus needs to come to town! Long live Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman!

manbearpig says:

Jeepers, I really really should be doing something else right now but

I just had to share this phenomenal link that the ever-pedagogical Pearl (who home-schooled her kids for heaven’s sake!!) brought to my attention:


I think it addresses a lot of the themes that have been bouncing around these Corbett woods recently…

Jeff DeRiso was, indeed, far and away the very best thing about Newsbud

and yet, I had no idea he was this poised and thoughtful.

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