Before 2011, Libya was Africa’s richest country – now a scene of horrifying atrocities

04-09-18 09:04:00,

The Libyan War led to al-Qaeda-affiliated groups taking power, and to this day, the country lies in complete ruins.

When the Gaddafi regime fell, it was then al-Qaeda-affiliated leaders such as the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (1) commander, Abdulhakim Belhadj—a man with a long history of ties to terrorist groups in Afghanistan, Libya and other places—who formed the nucleus of Western-backed Libyan leaders which follow the same ideology as al-Qaradawi, the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Within a few years, Belhadj allegedly became one of Africa’s richest men with a worth of more than USD 19 billion. And in 2015, Belhadj —John McCain’s good friend—was reportedly the leader of ISIS in Libya.

The Western and UN backed government in Tripoli is to this day controlled by the same driving forces.

This phenomenon may overall illustrate a fragment of one of the greatest scandals of our time: the Western media is synchronised with al-Qaeda-affiliates’ and Sunni extremist groups’ perception of who is “evil” and who is “good” in the Middle East. Our media chronically reflect the Islamist world view on the driving forces in the region.

We are working against the moderate, secular ruling powers in the region and are working together with the Islamic extremists.

Western observers are fully aware that ISIS, al-Qaeda, Salafi’s, takfiri’s and other militant groups tyrannise the local population with assault, rape of both men and women, kidnapping of adults and children, extortions and murder, unstopped massacres by war lords, ethnic cleansing of dark-skinned Libyans such as the fate of many Tawareks, and a host of terrorist acts against the local population, all of which share the common theme that the Western media makes no mention of this appalling situation in Libya.

Western backed  Warlords now rule Libya with extreme violence and merciless assaults on the population.

Not to mention the massive theft of Libyan state assets and ongoing ICC corruption – the very International Criminal Court that seeks to bring mainly Africans and Serbians to its court, yet conveniently never indicting a single Western leader, regardless how many crimes against humanity they commit. It’s remarkably dead quiet about this in the mainstream Western media.

Crimes against humanity

No one wants to talk about what our bombing in Libya led to.

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