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04-09-18 03:51:00,

Today we received  a PRESS RELEASE from We the World, announcing a Worldwide campaign “calling for Unity, Peace and Justice in Response to Global Tensions”.

“We, The World and organizations worldwide are taking part in programs and calls to action in September in observance of, and in alignment with, 11 Days of Global Unity September 11-21 and the UN International Day of Peace  September 21.

“The 11 Days of Global Unity aims at strengthening the ideals of unity and equality, diversity and oneness, harmony and compassion and, above all, at advancing the culture of peace.”

It is a vast and expensive project.

The campaign consists of  700 associated events taking place simultaneously in over sixty countries. involving some 3,500 civil society organizations.

The campaign promotes  11 themes of change 11 days of action 

At first glance, I was supportive of this endeavor.

But there is something missing in the way the Global Crisis is portrayed. What are the causes? Who are the Architects of War and Destruction?

“Unity, Peace and Justice in Response to Global Tensions”. What are the underlying forces which create “Global Tensions”?

In the present context, “Global Tensions” is a gross understatement.

What we are facing is US-led  “Long war” against humanity coupled with a Worldwide process of economic and social destruction.  The “Long War” is a Pentagon concept.

The criminalization of politics and the system of justice, including international law has contributed to the remoulding of State institutions. The tendency is towards a globalized Police State apparatus.

And of course media propaganda is used to justify wars of aggression, which constitute a criminal act under international law.

In the various texts and themes of the We the World campaign, Peace is mentioned but the Word WAR never appears.

Nor is there is any mention as to who is actually undertaking these wars (see below). Celebrating the UN International Day of Peace is symbolic. But should we not underscore the fact that the UN is violating its own charter by paying lip service to US led wars.

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