Armageddon in Idlib | New Eastern Outlook

06-09-18 08:05:00,


A showdown between the US and Russia is coming over Syria. Our sources inside Syria tell us that Russia began building up capabilities to support the Syrian Arab Army’s retaking of Idlib Province as early as June 2018. Included with new T90 tanks and advanced missile-based artillery are new air defense capabilities as well, along with ECM or electronic counter measures capabilities.

Russia is arming the Syrian Arab Army to fight not just al Qaeda and ISIS, the primary occupiers of Idlib, but the US, Britain and France as well.

The real war is between Russia and the US. America has no real ability to defend Idlib other than through the use of advisors, generally private military contractors, and supplying high technology armaments directly to organizations officially deemed terrorist by the US government.

The “dark horse” here, of course, is Turkey. Her military has jointly occupied much of Idlib with the nearly extinct Free Syrian Army, in its latest guise Turkish Army reservists in civilian dress.

This has been a problem with Turkey for some time, one that nearly destroyed Pakistan some years ago. I had a chance to go over this with Imran Khan one evening. We discussed the situation Pakistan faces, continual pressure from the US to fight terrorism while America itself is the one actually fostering the terrorism.

With Pakistan, it began during the 70s with Russia’s military intervention in Afghanistan. Pakistan became the route for American military support for the Taliban, then called the Mujahedeen. In the end, the war spilled over into Pakistan while Afghanistan became a narco-state under nominal US control and Pakistan ended up paying with a crushed economy and tens of thousands dead.

Now the same fate faces Turkey. America has built an army of Kurds on Turkey’s border while the US uses Turkey as a logistics base to build an army to threaten, now wait for it, Turkey.

Now Turkey is there, partially occupying Syria’s Idlib Province along with US supported terrorists that Russia and Syria are, quite inexorably, going to crush. It was America that put Turkey there, between two superpowers, each of which are capable of economic damage to Turkey which is more than consequential.

Turkey is then left to turn south to Israel and/or Saudi Arabia,

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