How the UN is organising the war

06-09-18 09:36:00,

How the administration of the UN is organising the war
by  Thierry Meyssan

The internal document of the United Nations that we have just published attests to the fact that the administration of the Organisation is working against the UN’s objectives. The gravity of this situation calls for an explanation by Secretary General António Guterres, as demanded by Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs Sergueï Lavrov. Failing which, the member-States could call the United Nations into question.


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On 2 July 2012, Jeffrey Feltman, ex-assistant to Hillary Clinton, became the number 2 of the United Nations. He swore his oath on the UN Charter before the then Secretary General, the extremely corrupt Ban Ki-moon. 

In October 2017, the UN under-secretary for Political Affairs, Jeffrey Feltman (Feltman was born to Jewish parents in Greenville, Ohio. svh), secretly drew up a list of instructions for all UN agencies about the attitude they should adopt concerning the conflict in Syria.
None of the member-States of the Organisation, not even the members of the Security Council, were informed of the existence of these instructions. At least, not until the Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sergueï Lavrov, revealed them on 20 August last [1].
We have just acquired a copy of the list [2].
This document betrays the United Nations Charter [3] by inverting its priorities. While the UN’s main objective is to « maintain peace and international security », Feltman’s instructions place the « respect for human rights » above this goal. In this way, those rights become an instrument which work against peace.
The expression « human rights » existed well before it was given a legal definition (in other words before it became opposable in court). In the 19th century, the British Minister for Foreign Affairs made frequent use of the phrase in order to justify certain of its wars. It was in order to defend the populations, he declared, that he was ready to wage war against the Ottoman Empire. In reality, it was nothing other than a clash between the British Empire and the Sublime Porte.  » Lees verder