9/11 – A Firefighter’s Perspective

9/11 – A Firefighter’s Perspective

11-09-18 10:09:00,

Greg Bacon

Here we are, at the 17th anniversary of the event which shocked America–and most of the world–that was protected by massive lies still in use today. I am going to use two examples to show the readers why the official 9/11 story is a fraud and massive psyops campaign to give the USA an excuse to illegally invade nations, kill millions, wound millions more, create untold misery and fear for innocent people, at the same time knocking off predominantly Islamic states that Israel wanted destroyed and which would make Wall Street & defense contractors a ‘killing’ off the killings. And to use the 9/11 lies to justify an ever-growing police state both in the USA and most of the West, especially England.

And like the Skripal False Flag, anytime a lie gets exposed, the liars double-down and lie some more or tell a new, more confusing lie.

But first, will give you some of my background, to show you that I know a little of what I am about to say, due to my firefighting experience and extensive training in that field.

Between my start with the local county volunteer Fire Department, then getting hired as a career firefighter in a Midwest medium-size college town I accumulated almost 23 years of firefighting experience, fighting fires as a firefighter; a step-up Engineer–the one who drives the fire apparatus and is responsible for manning the fire engine’s pump panel when pumping water to the crews fighting the fire(s). Also as an Acting Lieutenant, Lieutenant and even twice as Incident Manager, the one who stays on the exterior of the structure fire and manages the various crews fighting the fire.

In addition to that, our Fire Department was dedicated to weekly training of personnel at our Fire Training Academy, where we honed our skills in class lectures and also by doing training evolution’s on the Academy’s grounds, which included a large concrete and steel burn building, where we would set fires in 50 gallon drums, close the steel window shutters, let the fire and heat build up, then attack the fire as if it was the real deal.

There was also a five-story concrete and steel tower, which was used to practice getting hose lines up stairwells and bringing victims down the same.

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