Sam Patten: Spy 4-Hire: Completing the Jigsaw of Double Agents and “Deep State” Actors | New Eastern Outlook

Sam Patten: Spy 4-Hire: Completing the Jigsaw of Double Agents and “Deep State” Actors | New Eastern Outlook

14-09-18 09:26:00,


Now that Sam Patten has been caught acting as a foreign agent, making illegal lobbying efforts on behalf of the Government of Ukraine and, according to CNN, pro-Russian Oligarchs, we can start looking deeper into what is really going on in Washington—and put together the pieces in the bigger puzzle revealed by Federal Court Documents.

Patten recently pleaded guilty before a federal judge to being an unregistered foreign agent, and to funneling foreign money, from Ukraine and other offshore sources, into the Trump political campaign. He is also reported to have worked with Robert Mercer’s notorious Cambridge Analytica on microtargeting operations.

More specifically, Patten’s work involved lobbying US politicians on behalf of Russian and Ukrainian citizens. His main targets were members of Congress and their staff, and specifically Senators sitting on the Foreign Relations Committee and Representatives sitting on the House Committee on Foreign Relations.

Such unregistered and likely illegal activities were undertaken for the purpose of promoting foreign interests and influencing US policy towards Ukraine. Patten and his team also made use of the MSM to plant articles (e.g., “op-eds”) in the press.

Patten was fully aware at the time he undertook all these actions that the Foreign Agents Registration Act required him to register in order to engage legally in such US-based activities on behalf of a foreign power. He had previously performed such acts legally, for Georgia and other client countries, and thus knew that in this instance he was violating the relevant US laws, (The Foreign Agent Registration Act, pursuant to Title 33, Section 612 and 618(a)(1)).

The NYT describes him and the case in superficial and even glowing terms:

The case sketched out by prosecutors encompassed Mr. Patten, a respected Republican operative and consultant whose family was once part of Washington’s social elite; money transfers from a Cypriot bank; and a Russian national who had also worked for Paul Manafort, Mr. Trump’s former campaign manager, and been accused of maintaining ties to Russian intelligence.

All this presents a dark picture. But when you have encountered Patten before, and seen his track record, it is hardly surprising. This is a man with deep connections in the Republic of Georgia from the days when it was the regional CIA dirty tricks base,

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