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15-09-18 07:42:00,

By Catherine J. Frompovich

With all the electromagnetic fields from just about everything that makes modern life “modern,” we humans, who basically are electrical-chemical beings, are impacted in numerous ways, especially our DNA.

Because man-made electrical currents have been around only a couple hundred years, apparently not much attention was given originally to whether those electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) produced any negative impacts upon humans, wildlife, and the environment. What did the Old Order Amish folks know that made electricity an “anathema” to their lifestyle?

However, in today’s “smart” world of having become dependent upon technology, much of which runs on a form of EMFs called microwaves using varying ranges or bands, our atmosphere is now super-saturated with untold numbers of frequencies than when humans and other life forms began evolving on the Planet and, therefore, we have not acclimated to EMFs as risk-free as we think, or are ‘programmed’ to believe by vested interests who promote more and more electromagnetic technology.

An entire business world and very profitable industry evolved, which now dominate our ever-expanding exposures to EMFs/RFs/ELFs, the high range microwaves known as millimeter waves, plus terahertz (THz) [one trillion Hertz per second]. Furthermore, let’s not forget Electromagnetic Pulses, or EMPs, the military apparently have developed.

Our homes are not as EMF-free, or protected, as we may think, since most EMF waves can penetrate buildings; that’s why we can use cell phones inside our homes. The electric wires inside the walls of our houses carry all sorts of electrical ‘mischief’ in the way of harmonics or “dirty electricity.” However, there is something homeowners can do about minimizing those aspects of harmful EMFs.

Two independent researchers found a “seamless” and inexpensive way, to check the inside of your home for EMFs by using a radio. A portable, hand-held, battery-operated AM radio! How old-world tech is that, but it works.

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