The Moon-Kim Summit: Mr. President, Now It Is Your Move! Moon’s Roadmap of North-South Cooperation – Global Research

The Moon-Kim Summit: Mr. President, Now It Is Your Move! Moon’s Roadmap of North-South Cooperation – Global Research

24-09-18 08:38:00,

The historical Moon-Kim summit ended- after three days of excitement, hope and determination- at the sacred Cheon-ji (Heaven’s Lake) located at the top of Mt Baek-du where Dangun, son of Hwanung who descended from heaven to found the Korean nation more than 4,300 thousand years ago.

Through their meeting, two Koreas reaffirmed their common sacred origin and destiny.

By raising high their tightly united hands, they declared that the reunification of the North and the South is eternal

Before we discuss the contents of the joint declaration of the third Kim-Moon summit, let’s see some of the highlights of the event.

First, the composition of the delegation was meaningful. By and large three groups of people were included. First group was composed of policy decision makers including ministers and the key staff of the Blue House (Korean White House) in charge of foreign affairs and national security. The presence of this group was intended to show Moon’s strong determination to carry out the summit agreements.

The second group represented the business world represented by the heads of Samsung, Hyundai, LG, SK and other Chaebols. It was the first time that most of the heads of Chaebols (family industrial conglomerates) visited North Korea. Their presence was intended to show to the world in general, and, to North Korean in particular, the possibility of Chaebols participation in North Korea’s economic development.

The third group is composed of the heads of two liberal political parties, people representing the world of arts and culture, local government, academics, sports and NGOs. This group was given the task of exploring North-South cooperation in their respective field of interest.

In short, the composition of the delegation showed clearly Moon’s roadmap of North-South cooperation and his strong intention support it. The issue of denuclearization was an important agenda, but this issue was something that should be solved by Washington and Pyongyang. What Moon hoped to get in connection with this issue was Kim’s more concrete and practical commitment to the denuclearization. Moon got it.

There are several other highlights to be mentioned. First, when the Moon’s plane arrived, Kim Jung-un and his first lady waited at the airport; this was unusual;

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