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Yesterday there was an inquiry at the Dutch Parliament, about alleged warcrimes committed in Syria, the Dutch Government was sending lethal and non-lethal aid during the period 2015-2018.

The hearing was at the Dutch parliament, almost all representatives on foreign affairs from the Dutch political parties were present.

Before reading the report below, an overview what happened and why there was an inquiry:

The most biggest crimes have happened, to unleash terrorist, trained and funded by western countries, like the Netherlands.

The regular (Dutch) MSM highlights only one group, which is a rather not significant group Jabhat al-Shamiya, who was resolved,  in 2015, after the SAA won the battle of Aleppo, but of course they went on as Ahrar-as-Sham and now Tahrir-as-Sham, being part of ISIS.

Someone, a source, leaked from the parliament to the regualar MSM and it is now public that the Netherlands, with most other western countries and the US, is according, to some experts who spoke yesterday, most likely quilty of giving assistance, funding and aid to Jihadi groups, which they still call moderate rebels, who committed war crimes and crimes against humanity.

As a caputerd terrorist (IS) admitted, all groups, no matter what name or ideology, emerged with ISIS, as soon as ISIS enterd their “battle ground” or territory! (see below article).

How Syria won in the Netherlands

The hearing started with some Dutch Journalists, who tolled their story in Dutch, about what they experienced, which is not the complete picture, because, both of them, did not enter Syria after 2015 and didn’t visit the area’s which was and is controlled by the Syrian government!

As one journalist said, after 2015 it was nearly impossible to enter the area’s who were controlled by the so-called rebels, it turns out, according to their statements that the area’s were controlled by Al-Queda, Jahbat-al-Nusra and the Levant group (which is nearly all the same). They reported mainly from Beirout, Lebanon, and therefore it can’t be verified,

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