Interview 1394 – “Smart” Tech and The End of Privacy : The Corbett Report

Interview 1394 – “Smart” Tech and The End of Privacy : The Corbett Report

05-10-18 07:51:00,

False flag hacking?

propaganda watch?

In the Netherlands there is a lot of fuzz about Russian Hackers.

It was front-page news and with a lot of background articles.

Which seems to me that they are trying to push some narrative..

The first clear error was, that they newspapers were claiming

that the US election was hacked. And that Syria had done chemical

attacks. Both are clear lies.

And this story was weird too:

Hackers are not usually caught, but these people were acting so

obviously that they were spotted easily.


Usually if you spot a trained spy, they want you to spot them.

If you spot a hacker, he will have social engineering ready to

get out of trouble quickly.

Hacking into a wifi is easy and can just be done with a phone,

or from 100 meter away with a good antenna.

You really won’t spot them, unless they want you to.

The target is also strange, if you know the real news.

Did they want to find out who was accusing them of chemical

weapons use?

But if they acted so obviously, were they working for Russia

at all? It would be easy for the CIA to pay some “hackers”,

even to get Passports and everything.

There are lots of opponents of Putin.

They might have tried to kill them too when they downed the wrong plane MH17. Something that the Dutch only blame the Russians for.

Many other possibilities, but the story stinks.

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