Biggest Criminal Investigation in UK History Is Outsourced to Atlantic Council/Soros-Funded Blog

Biggest Criminal Investigation in UK History Is Outsourced to Atlantic Council/Soros-Funded Blog

11-10-18 09:57:00,

Meanwhile the police has detailed footage of the alleged Russian suspects in Salisbury on 3rd March, but has declined to either release it, or describe their movements in any detail. The most plausible explanation for that is that the footage does not actually back up the claims being made.

I am currently in the U.S., and so watching from afar as the biggest criminal investigation Britain has ever seen is sub-contracted out to the Atlantic Council/Soros-sponsored website, Bellingcat. Pinch yourself once. Pinch yourself twice. Yes, it really is happening.

It is truly remarkable that having seen millions of pounds spent on an investigation which has failed to give consistent and logical answers to some of the biggest questions in the case, and which has been remarkably economical with the actualité on things like timelines, a website with dubious connections to various neo-conservative organisations has now ridden to the rescue to fill in the gaps which The Met has apparently missed (as an aside neo-conservative is of course a misnomer, since they don’t actually conserve anything. They are in reality neo-Trotskyists, since they are globalists and like destroying stuff). Any taxpayers out there feel like a refund?

The media seems to be having a field day quoting Bellingcat as if it were now the official mouthpiece of The Metropolitan Police and the Government. Of course it may well be the official mouthpiece, only we can’t quite tell as The Met and HMG sneakily hide behind the claims instead of either confirming or denying them:

A spokesman for the Home Office said it would not comment as it was a police investigation.”

The Metropolitan Police said they would not comment on the ‘speculation’.”

“And Lady Justice said she would not comment on the case anymore, because she’s had enough and needs to sit down in a corner of a darkened room with a stiff drink, before considering what her next career move might be.”

I have no intention of being sucked into the black hole of analysing the Bellingcat claims. I have no idea of the validity of their claims. They may well be correct. They may well not. However, as I have pointed out many times before,

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