Musical Healing (Heilung) for European Culture? |

13-10-18 09:56:00,

This article was first published in the monthly magazine The Present Age Vol. 4 No. 6 Sept 2018

The events in the eastern German city of Chemnitz (Karl-Marx-Stadt during the Communist era) in late August this year, the brutal murder and assaults, the angry reaction of the citizens, the paranoid, exaggerated response of the mainstream media and the cynical attempts of political parties and factions of the Far Right and Far Left to exploit the situation to their own advantage were a symptom of the social sickness that prevails in Europe today: the arrogant efforts of those in the political Establishment in hock once again with the forces of global capitalism, and supported by deluded Far Left activists on the streets, to force a re-engineering of European societies by means of the European Union and mass migration, and the fearful, angry, resentful reactions by the populist Right to these efforts have created a steadily worsening storm of astral passions that is badly polarising western societies and undermining social solidarity. The anthroposophical movement is no exception, as we have seen this year with the pompous attack mounted by the self-appointed representatives of an “Open Anthroposophy” on others within the movement whom ‘the Open ones’ accuse of being dangerous “conspiracy theorists” who are “poisoning the social climate”.1There are those on both the Left and Right who fear the dissolution of what they see and like to call the “liberal rulesbased international order” built up in the West under American leadership since 1945. The transatlantic relationship between the USA and the EEC/EC/EU , they argue, has provided peace, prosperity, and the improvement of human rights. They point the finger at US President Trump and at Brexit and a resurgent ‘fascism’ across the West. This view is itself a conspiracy theory – a single man, the omnipotent, omniscient evil genius named ‘Putin’ is often claimed by the mainstream media to be behind Trump, Brexit and the resurgence of the Far Right across Europe. In fact, of course, the situation is far more complex. This article will point to a phenomenon that has been building and bubbling beneath the surface for some decades and which is now surfacing in various phenomena, one of them being the music scene. At issue is the question of what could be a real social ‘healing’ (Heilung in German) for Europe and the West.

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