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Democracy “Snuffed Out” | New Eastern Outlook

22-10-18 12:28:00,


We’re going to pull one moment out of recent American history, one erased, forgotten, “snuffed out” along with the hopes and dreams of a generation. In 1988, a nation exhausted by 8 years of Ronald Reagan, thus far the most corrupt regime in American history, wanted change, wanted reform.

Forward stepped billionaire rebel Ross Perot, an independent candidate for president promising an end to the Federal Reserve System, term limits, a reformed congress, an end to money politics in America. Perot was the “real deal,” and quickly moved up in the polls against Bush and Clinton with an astounding lead. Then he quit, citing threats against his family.

How differently would a Perot presidency have dealt with the Soviet collapse? How would the world be today, demilitarized, an America no longer debt driven to control global events?

Some weeks later he reentered the race, down 20 points in the poll, putting Bill Clinton into the White House. Perot was unstoppable and was, thusly, stopped.

We saw the same thing again in 2000, Al Gore with a clear win even through the electoral college with broad rigging in Ohio, Florida and other states as well. The story not told, of course, threats against Gore’s family if he disputed the election and a Supreme Court intervention in direct contravention of separation of powers prohibitions in the constitution.

Let’s jump back to 1968. John Kennedy had been murdered, whether to push a Vietnam War or, more likely, for his announcement in June 1963 of America’s withdrawal from the European controlled “Fed” as the Federal Reserve System is normally called.

His brother picked up his mantle, only to be murdered with an Arab patsy to take the blame. Despite decades of fake conspiracy theories, historians are closing in on the banking cabal behind Nixon, names like Mellon-Scaife, Chase and Bush rise to the top of the list of suspects in the Kennedy killings, John, Robert and John Jr.

Let’s look at this election. When Robert, a clear favorite assured the presidency, was murdered, this left Hubert Humphrey as the Democratic frontrunner above the most hated man of our times, “Tricky Dick” Nixon.

But who was Hubert Humphrey? Today’s fake press and equally fake “revisionist history” lists Humphrey as a right-wing war monger.

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