Twitter Bans Former Asst. Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts

Twitter Bans Former Asst. Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts

26-10-18 06:31:00,

Twitter has suspended noted anti-war commentator, economist and former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts. 

The suspension came without warning and was noted by journalist Caitlin Johnstone and others Thursday evening: 

Twitter appears to have suspended Paul Craig Roberts @PaulCraigRobert, a vocal antiwar conservative. Can’t find any info about it yet.

— Caitlin Johnstone (@caitoz) October 26, 2018

Paul Craig Roberts has apparently had his Twitter account suspended.

The censorship grows and worsens.

(I recognize that I’m now probably next since I’m tweeting this.)

— TF Metals Report (@TFMetals) October 26, 2018

Definitely suspended. Google links to @PaulCraigRoberts come up with this suspended notice.

— Chris Lonsdale (@kungfu_mandarin) October 26, 2018

Roberts, 79, served in the Reagan administration from 1981 to 1982. He was formerly a distinguished fellow at the Cato Institute and a senior research fellow at the Hoover Institution, and has written for the Wall Street Journal and Businessweek. Roberts maintains an active blog

He’s also vehemently against interventionary wars around the world, and spoke with Russia’s state-owned Sputnik news in a Tuesday article – in which Roberts said that President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty was a handout to the military-security complex. 

The former Reagan administration official clarified that he does not think “that the military-security complex itself wants a war with Russia, but it does want an enemy that can be used to justify more spending.”  He explained that the withdrawing from the INF Treaty “gives the military-security complex a justification for a larger budget and new money to spend: manufacturing the formerly banned missiles.”

The economist highlighted that “enormous sums spent on ‘defense’ enabled the armaments corporations to control election outcomes with campaign contributions,” adding that in addition, “the military has bases and the armaments corporations have factories in almost every state so that the population, dependent on the jobs, support high amounts of ‘defense’ spending.” 

“That was 57 years ago,”

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