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Young as they are, Clinton Snowflakes have the most to lose from a nuclear holocaust. Basically, everything. The life that they’ve been planning. Everything! Like sheep to the slaughter, millions will vote for the Obama-Clinton War Party.

Even Bernie Sanders is in the November 2018 mix, seeking a third Senate term on

the same good ol’ War Party ticket.

Like Clinton, Sanders is a seasoned interventionist. Writer Jeffrey St. Clair makes

the point that both Clinton and Sanders are in the business of advancing “hawkish

policies under the ragged banner of ‘humanitarianism.’”

St. Clair adds, “Sanders supported Bill Clinton’s war on Serbia, voted for the 2001

Authorization Unilateral Military Force Against Terrorists (AUMF), which pretty

much allowed Bush to wage war wherever he wanted, backed Obama’s Libyan

debacle and he supported an expanded US role in the Syrian Civil War.” There’s


The perception of Sanders as a hunched, peacenik professor is effective in

garnering support from liberals with a limp. That is, he strikes a chord in those

with low grades in history and geography yet who are high on voting from the

heart – one sculpted by CNN and MSNBC. As incomprehensible as it might be to

a conscientious Snowflake, the policies of Sanders, like those of Obama and

Clinton, make him a murderer. Indeed, murder, he wrote. His vote helped tighten

the noose that snapped the neck of Saddam Hussein, separating his body from his


Dear Snowflakes, Sanders is also on record for voting twice in favor of resolutions

for regime change in Iraq.

The War Party justification for the dastardly execution of Iraq’s national leader,

following the cruise missile invasion and rape of the country, remains unrepentant

– it was a humanitarian act, implemented for the good of Iraqi citizens and for all


Might hindsight offer a different perspective?

More than one million died, including up to 500,000 Iraqi children.

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