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13-11-18 06:51:00,

Iran is Israel’s main regional rival – yet poses no threat to the Jewish state or any others.

For decades, Israeli regimes urged Washington to wage war on Iran, wanting its main regional rival and all others eliminated.

The infamous 1982 Oded Yinon document titled “A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties” explained Israel’s agenda in clear, unambiguous detail – a regional divide and conquer strategy, needing US involvement to work.

The scheme was likely updated several times, the objective unchanged, including a greater Israel through a redrawn Middle East map.

To survive, the Jewish state believes it must dominate the region and become a world power.

Achieving its objective requires partitioning Arab nations into smaller ones along ethnic and sectarian lines as Israeli satellite client states.

Israel’s 1967 Six Day War, seizing the West Bank, East Jerusalem, Syria’s Golan, and Lebanese territory followed the plan.

So did its aggression on Lebanon in 1978, 1982, 1993, 1996, and 2006, along with occupying the country’s south up to the Litani River, remaining for 18 years until withdrawing in May 2000.

It still illegally holds the Ghajar Lebanese village bordering Golan, along with Sheba Farms, a 14-square mile water-rich area near Syria’s Golan.

The late Israel Shahak said longstanding Israeli plans for regional control follow German “geopolitical ideas (from) 1890 – 1933, which were swallowed whole by Hitler and the Nazi movement, and determined their aims for East Europe.”

Yinon called all Arab states east of Israel “riddled with inner conflicts.” The Saudi and other Gulf states are “built upon a delicate house of sand in which there is only oil.”

Jordan is in reality Palestine, Amman the same as Nablus, other regional Arab states similar, he said.

Since its 1979 revolution, Iran above all other regional states is Israel’s main target for elimination.

A dubious Israeli/Saudi alliance wants the Islamic Republic destroyed, falsely portraying the country as a regional threat.

Netanyahu repeatedly lies about an Iranian nuclear weapons program. None exists. The Jewish state is the only regional armed and dangerous nuclear power, along with maintaining banned chemical,

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