UK Prime Minister May Sells Out Her Country –

16-11-18 01:55:00,

How Much Was The Duplicitous Bitch Paid To Sign Away British Sovereignty?

Nigel Farage

Events are moving rapidly in Westminster today but as MPs reflect on the terms of Theresa May’s draft Brexit deal, one thing is constant: the prime minister’s self-delusion.

People from all sides of the political divide have been warning Mrs May for weeks that only strong and honest leadership would guarantee a meaningful and honest Brexit. Her refusal to heed this advice has resulted in a series of resignations at all levels of her government from both Brexiteers and Remainers. She is responsible for the chaos which could easily seal her fate. Bearing in mind the manifesto commitments she made in 2017, her disregard for democracy is disgraceful.

It has been clear to me since Mrs May made her Florence Speech in September 2017 that she was taking the UK down a route of betrayal. Those of us who believe in Britain’s independence have spent the last three decades trying to opt out of key elements of the European Union machine. But at Florence, it was obvious that she actually wanted to opt the country back in to most of it.

This fact was spelled out most clearly this week by Angela Merkel. During her visit to the European Parliament in Strasbourg Merkel stated: “Mrs May wants to stay in Europe.” This just about sums up the whole fraudulent situation. As Mrs May voted to Remain in 2016, perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised.  

With the draft deal that’s been unveiled to the public, it’s easy to see that this Brexit betrayal is complete. Under its terms, Britain has assumed a submissive position. Thanks to Mrs May, our country has agreed to behave like a nation that has been defeated militarily in war and is now pleading for the kindest possible terms from our victors. Of course, no such concessions have been made from the other side.

When I formally met the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier back in January, his one goal was made clear to me: to make sure the United Kingdom did not diverge from European Union rules. He was adamant that we would not be allowed any competitive advantage.

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