United States Will Bring Assange to US in Chains


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United States Will Bring Assange to US in

By Ann Garrison

November 14, 2018
Clearing House

appears increasingly likely Wikileaks
founder and publisher Julian Assange will
wind up in the clutches of the U.S.

It’s hardly
surprising, given that in ten years’ time,

Wikileaks published more classified
information than all other media combined.
It exposed human rights abuses, government
spying, torture, and war crimes on an
unprecedented scale.

put government, corporations and even the
Pentagon, the FBI, the CIA and other intel
agencies on notice that they could no longer
count on operating in secret.

It created a
trove of primary source material that
serious journalists and researchers will
mine for years to come. Its publications are
accessible to readers who prefer primary
sources to mostly mediated news.

Wikileaks so
infuriates the USA’s most violent, corrupt,
and criminal institutions that Hillary
Clinton half-jokingly suggested
drone-bombing Assange. Other U.S.
politicians called for his execution by
other means.

28th District Congressman Adam Schiff, who
became the chair of the House Intelligence
Committee when Democrats reclaimed the
House, said he would speak to Assange “when
he is in U.S. custody, not before.”

Schiff is a
vociferous and supremely self-righteous
leader of the Democratic Party’s
“Resistance,” which sullies the name of the
underground movement formed in France during
World War II to fight Nazi Germany’s
occupying forces and the collaborationist
Vichy government.

“Resistance” tolerates only one truth and
one loyalty: Russia is the enemy,
interfering in Syria, the Ukraine and even
U.S. elections. Russia elected Trump with
Wikileaks’ help, it says. Russia dares to
position missiles on its own borders, it

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