US-funded NGO that sank $4.1mn into Nicaragua protests says it’s ‘misleading’ to report about it


16-11-18 08:36:00,

Just months after boasting about ‘laying the groundwork for insurrection’ in Nicaragua, a US government-funded think tank has branded as ‘misleading’ a Redfish documentary that reports exactly that.

Global Americans, a think tank subsidiary of the US government-funded soft power organization National Endowment for Democracy (NED), has published an article accusing Berlin-based Redfish media (styled ‘redfish’) of “misleading” the viewer by blaming the ongoing unrest in Nicaragua on American influence.

Branding Redfish a “Kremlin-funded media startup,” Global Americans attacks the documentary ‘The New Battle For Nicaragua’. The GA article features a big blue stamp with the word ‘MISLEADING’, and – true to the headline – cuts straight to the root of the problem.

Why it’s misleading: Most importantly, redfish has been identified funded by the Russian government that regularly airs content on Russian television network RT.

‘The New Battle For Nicaragua’ features interviews with both anti-Ortega protesters and supporters of the government. It also explores headlines in the mainstream US media which have mainly focused on the suppression of the protests and portray the 300 fatalities they have caused as victims of the regime. Out of those 300, about 60 died on either side, and the remaining 180 or so could not be directly linked to the protests, Redfish says.

The actual content of the documentary is mentioned almost as an afterthought, and even by Global Americans’ skewed standards they’re not the problem. According to GA, the report’s “biggest issue is its aim to distract” – presumably, from the uprising against Nicaragua’s “dictator” – President Daniel Ortega, and how it’s being repressed.

This is the same Global Americans that in May, during the height of the anti-Ortega unrest, ran an article titled ‘Laying the groundwork for insurrection: A closer look at the U.S. role in Nicaragua’s social unrest’. That piece portrays Ortega’s government as being on its last legs (it’s still intact six months later), and describes in detail how the NED spent $4.1 million on fostering the youth movements behind the Nicaraguan opposition. The money was pumped into 54 projects “strengthening civil society, improving accountability and governance, fostering a culture of human rights,

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