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27-11-18 07:32:00,

Dear Readers,

Our mandate has always been to provide our content free of charge. We want the truth to be spread far and wide and easily accessible to all. Our financial reality is another matter. To put it rather bluntly, without your assistance, Global Research’s future remains uncertain.

We’ve checked the figures and something doesn’t seem to add up. With almost 1 million monthly visits to our website, and just under 50,000 subscribers to our daily newsletter, over the past year we have received just 700 contributions in the form of donations and paying memberships. We are of course deeply grateful to all those who have come to our aid so far. However, if you value our work and have yet to do so, we strongly encourage you to make a contribution as financial support is crucial to the continuation of our activities at this stage. At the moment we do not cover our monthly costs.

We are doing everything in our power to remain on course, and with your help, we truly believe we can weather the storm. Please give what you can by clicking the donate or membership links below:

Our membership plans are:
Global Research Annual Membership – $95.00/year

All new members (annual basis) as well as all membership renewal (annual basis) will receive a FREE copy of “Voices from Syria” by Mark Taliano, as well as a FREE copy of “The Global Economic Crisis: The Great Depression of the XXI Century“, edited by Michel Chossudovsky and Andrew Gavin Marshall.


Global Research Monthly Membership – $9.50/month

Global Research Annual Membership – $48.00/year
(Students / Seniors / Low-Income)

Global Research Monthly Membership – $5.00/month
(Students / Seniors / Low-Income)

Sustainer Member – $200.00/year

Help support Global Research with an annual membership payment of $200.00. Each Sustainer Member will receive any two books of their choice from our Online Store, as well as a FREE copy of “The Globalization of War” by Michel Chossudovsky.

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