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28-11-18 09:05:00,

We bring to the attention of our readers a Donbass report pertaining to the presence of British Special Forces in Ukraine. Yet to be verified these special forces are said to be experts in chemical weapons.  

British military personnel have been present in Ukraine since 2015 involved in training Ukraine military personnel 

On November 21, 2018,  a few days prior to the Kerch Strait Incident, the British Ministry of Defense confirmed that a new contingent of UK special forces were slated to be sent to Ukraine.

According to Deputy commander Eduard Basurin, a representative of  the Ministry of Defense of the DNR,

 “We’ve repeatedly said that an act of terror on a chemical enterprise is being prepared.”

The UK forces are in Ukraine advising Ukrainian forces. “The last of them arrived at Artyomovsk, or as Ukrainians call it, Bakhmut.

They’re British special forces. They’re experts in chemistry. They can cause accidents in this regard and then create media reports about it. Just like the Skripal case.”

The British media have dispelled the Donbass reports regarding the use of chemical weapons by UK special forces against Donbass

The Independent, November 21, 2018

Global Research, November 28, 2018


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Unedited Transcript 

– The British Minister of Defence promised a ship. He also promised to support Ukraine in Donbass. Let’s fast forward to Donbass. Eduard Alexandrovich Basurin is live, The Deputy Commander of the Corps of the Ministry of Defense of the DNR. Do you see collective support from the West or just from the UK? How are they helping the Ukrainians? Does it have any effect on you? Are there advisors or something?

Eduard Basurin: Hello, everyone, hello, Olya.

If we are talking about an effect on me, there’s no such thing yet. But there is an effect on Ukraine. See, we’ve repeatedly said that an act of terror on a chemical enterprise is being prepared. The UK forces Ukraine to do this.

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