Russia Says No to GMO, Becomes World’s Biggest Exporter of non-GMO Food


03-12-18 05:00:00,

This segment of Russian TV does an in depth exploration into Russia’s agricultural industries including their specialty in organic food.

While the Western World continues to cozy up to Monsanto and similar corporations producing GMO crops, Russia is ramping up the production of its own organic GMO free produce and is set to become the world’s biggest exporter of non-GMO food.

These exports are purchased from countries all over the world including Japan, Israel, and Europe. This year’s exports are set to exceed a record breaking $23 Billion worth of produce.

“There are two options: you can either remove excess moisture or add stabilizers. We remove excess moisture and never use the other method. Our enterprise specializes in organic food, we don’t use any artificial additives.”

Mr. Klepker showed us the quark maker. It plays an important role in the production of high-quality quark, which contains no preservatives.

VLADIMIR KLEPKER, HEAD OF THE QUARK DEPARTMENT: “Quark, butter, sugar, and vanillin are all that’s in there. We glaze these curd snacks with chocolate.” Once packed in a wrapper signed in Hebrew, the snacks are exported to Israel.

VLADIMIR ANISIMOV, DAIRY PLANT GENERAL DIRECTOR: “There’s a large Russian-speaking community in Israel. Over one million former Soviet citizens live there. They still remember the flavors of the Soviet Union and want to have access to foods they used to have back then, foods manufactured to GOST standards without using any food additives. You won’t find anything like this in Israel.”

A third of the ice-cream selection produced by the dairy plant in Stavropol is also available in Israel. This chocolate and peanut-glazed ice-cream bar is particularly popular abroad. The conveyor belt makes 110 of them per minute. Everyone remembers such ice-cream cones, too. Forty tons of goods have been exported this year alone. In the domestic market, there’s also a high demand for products manufactured by both using traditional methods and following kashrut laws.

KONSTANTIN SOLOMONOV, DIRECTOR OF BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: “We invite rabbis to the plant so they can watch the entire process, from the production of the milk to the manufacture of the end product.”

The plant will begin exporting kosher curd snacks and ice cream to Israel after New Year’s.

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