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Ukraine matters. It’s territory is Europe’s largest after Russia’s. It borders seven countries in Europe’s heartland – Belarus, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Russia.

It shares a strategically important 1,500-long land and sea border with the Russian Federation.

The country is resource rich. Zbigniew Brzezinski once said

“without Ukraine, Russia ceases to be an empire, but with Ukraine suborned and then subordinated, Russia automatically becomes an empire.”

Separately, he said if Russia reunites with Ukraine, it’ll be a Eurasian powerhouse. If Ukraine allies with Western Europe, Moscow will be significantly weakened geopolitically.

The Obama regime’s February 2014 coup d’etat replaced democratic governance in Kiev with Nazi-infested tyranny. Political crisis continues to grip the continent since that time, flashpoint conditions risking East/West confrontation.

Obama bears full responsibility for what happened.  Neocon Victoria Nuland was his point person involved in staging the coup, its aim to border Russia with a hostile menace to its security.

Brussels shares blame for what happened, partnering with Washington’s coup. Britain, France, Germany and other EU countries virtually always go along with its imperial agenda, even when harming their own interests, operating as a virtual US colony.

Washington stops at nothing to advance its imperium. Replacing independent governments with subservient pro-Western ones is longstanding US policy – by color revolutions or naked aggression.

US-installed putschists in Kiev represent mob rule. Puppet president Poroshenko and others surrounding him are societal misfits, waging war against their own people, risking war with Russia over staged provocations like Black Sea/Kerch Strait incident – likely planned and orchestrated in Washington and London.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman minced no words, saying the following:

“After Poroshenko said that Russia is allegedly planning to seize Mariupol and Berdyansk, I can say, putting his own pronouncements in other words, that it is Russia that protects Europe from barbarism, tyranny, terrorism, aggression and militarism looming large over our continent,” adding:

“It is due to the current Kiev regime that the present-day Ukraine is characterized by the frenzy of extremists and paramilitary groups, warfare against own people, propaganda and manipulation as a key tool of governance, provocations as a foreign policy concept, rampant corruption, intimidation of journalists and overall control over the mass media,

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