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    I am pleasantly amazed that Reuters actually ran the article.

    My hat off to the journalist.

    I have long detested Johnsons and Johnsons baby powder because of its synthetic chemical perfumes and dust like nature. I think it is insane to sprinkle it on a baby. If you can smell it, it is going in your lungs (i.e. the very toxic synthetic chemical fragrances along with mineral talc particulates). Lung inhalation is a direct line to the blood stream, (as any pot smoker knows). Mineral particulates (whether talc or other types of minerals) in the lungs can cause all kinds of issues.

    Even J&J’s baby powder gives a warning “Keep powder away from baby’s face to avoid inhalation, which can cause breathing problems.”
    MDSD – Material Data Safety Sheet – Talc – pdf

    To me, it has always seemed like common sense NOT to sprinkle this dusty stuff on infants. My god! The baby is bound to breathe it. It is easily airborne.

    I just can’t get over how corporations can dupe the common sense out of people.

    I mean…look…Johnson and Johnson’s Baby Oil (mineral oil and fragrance). Mineral oil is typically a distillate of petroleum. Might as well just get some motor oil and put it on an infant.

    Corn Starch has long been used in the south by both guys and gals to help keep the private parts and feet dry, especially in the summer. It actually feels pretty good.

    “It’s a conspiracy theory”

    I think the media and corporations are starting to lose the impact of their denigration with the use of the supposed ‘insult’: “It’s a conspiracy theory”. Pretty soon, like on this Corbett Episode, the public will laugh at them for making such a silly statement.

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