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Do not expect the French medias, all owned by the French 1%, to be objective when speaking about the Yellow Vests. We shall then look at the Sputnik News France to get a fair vision of the phenomenon. Here is a translation made by Le Saker Francophone after the 8th act, hold on January 5th.

By Fabien Buzzanca – January 9th 2019 – Sputnik France

The Yellow Vests came back full throttle for the beginning of this year with their Act VIII. With demonstrations already planned for January 12th and the government having promised even more firmness to face the protesters, what is the feeling of the demonstrators? The law enforcement? Sputnik contacted both parties to provide an update.

With the kind of half truce we observed during the holidays, the government hoped that the yellow vest movement would not survive the end of the year. It has not been the case. As if the President’s offensive New Year wishes had blown over the embers, the flame of the protest that has been heating up France since 17 November has set off again in style. Starting with the breakage of Benjamin Griveaux’s State Secretariat door by some hot demonstrators, during the Act VIII on January 5th. Let’s skip the usual battle of numbers (50,000 demonstrators for the government, 300,000 for France Police -Policiers en colère [ a policemen union ]), the many photos circulating on social networks showed yellow processions all over the country.

Image result for photos de la manif gilet jaunes sur les rives de la Seine

Vidéo intégrée

The Yellow Vests don’t want to give up and have sent a strong message to the government. The resurgence of the protest came with its share of violence. In addition to the emergency exfiltration of the government spokesman [because of the door of his building has been broken by somme demonstrators], vehicles were set on fire in Paris, barricades were set up and a former boxer, Christophe Dettinger, played fists against the CRS on a footbridge in the capital.

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In the provinces, the town hall of Rennes was attacked and clashes between demonstrators and police forces were observed in Nantes, Beauvais or Bordeaux. Non-exhaustive list.

“We only talk about violence,

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