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It is bad enough that the Lugar Lab in Tbilisi, an alleged front for public health research has been feathered on about every Russian TV channel over its role in viral and bacterial (germ) warfare, but now Georgia faces a new round of recriminations. Such news is starting to get reported in the Georgian media as well, as the body count from what may be more than a seasonal flu.

However, to cut to the chase and make a very complicated story simple, in laypersons terms, so much media attention, with recriminations and counterclaims. The timing could not be worse, considering the debate over vaccines is heating up in the West, especially the United States. And the allegation of bio weapons was even feathered in the Washington Post and NYTs, flagships of the US mainstream media.

In the meantime, the latest vaccination story is about ready to “go viral” in Tbilisi Georgia, in spite of efforts to contain it by media censorship and spin stories. Moreover, apparently public health officials are eager they are hastening the field research, even before the smoke clears as to all outstanding recriminations of recent weeks, the “body count”, nearly 100 dead, and likely more, over a free Hep C elimination program that did not go as planned, at least that is what the documents indicate, as the true agenda of the US-funded Lugar Lab.

Former Georgian State Security Minister, Igor Giorgadze announced at a press briefing last September:

Behind the walls of the Lugar Laboratory, biologists of the U.S. military-medical group in Georgia and private contractors under federal contract with the … Defense Threat Reduction Agency indeed could have performed secret experiments on residents of Georgia.

Insult to Injury

Georgia’s Health Minister David Sergeenko has recently announced the need for much of the population to be vaccinated against flu, including pregnant women and children, two categories that are severely impacted by vaccines, resulting in stillbirths, miscarriages and other adverse flu vaccine reactions.

In short, it is clear that influenza epidemiological and data on seasonal viral strains from Georgia is limited, as if the truth would be known there would be social and dire political consequences,

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