Bannon’s “Movement” Breaks Europe’s Centrist Balance Amid Crisis Of Confidence


21-01-19 12:19:00,

With the globalist elites gathering in Davos for their annual mutual masturbation propaganda-fest, there is a growing threat to their dominance led by former Trump strategist Steve Bannon that threatens to upset not just the centrist balance in Europe but fuel revolts worldside.

As Bloomberg’s Joshua Green and Richard Bravo report,  Steve Bannon had a front-row seat to see Belgium’s liberal-led government disintegrate last month after delivering a fiery, anti-migration speech to local lawmakers just hours earlier.

President Donald Trump’s former adviser is now eying Spain as the next domino to fall in his drive to disrupt European integration.

Belgium joins two other European Union members operating without a full government and at least six others that have recently undergone no-confidence votes. Many of them have fallen prey to anti-EU parties that used minority leverage in their national parliaments. In Spain, the nationalist group Vox had an unexpectedly strong regional showing last month and could help to unseat the Socialist government.

“This populist-nationalist revolt is a worldwide phenomenon,’’ Bannon said in a Dec. 21 interview in his Washington home.

“Belgium is the latest example of this,’’ he said, adding that Spain will be a “big focus” this year.

Europe’s Populist Realignment

This year’s European Parliament elections come as populists, many of them euroskeptics, control or prop up 10 of the EU’s 28 member governments.

Source: Bloomberg reporting

Note: As of Jan. 8, 2019. Parties on both the left and right were defined as populist with the help of academic experts. Most, but not all, parties are also nationalist.

The waning popularity of French President Emmanuel Macron and Chancellor Angela Merkel has raised doubts about a Franco-German reform push to further integrate the 28-nation EU. Bannon sees this as a prime opportunity to rally euroskeptic parties ahead of European Parliament elections in May, and carry out on a continent-wide level what’s already happening in some individual countries.

“The energy is on the side of the populist-nationalist parties and the people who back them up,’’ Bannon said.

“Further integration is at a dead stop.

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