Ian Buruma’s Gebrek aan Logica 15


21-01-19 04:21:00,

Symptomatisch voor Ian Buruma’s houding was zijn gedwongen ontslagname als hoofdredacteur van The New York Review of Books, nadat hij in opspraak was geraakt door 

an essay by Jian Ghomeshi in which the Canadian talk show host, among other things, claimed that accusations of sexual violence made against him by more than 20 women were ‘inaccurate.’ In an interview with Slate magazine, Buruma defended his decision to publish Ghomeshi’s piece and denied that the article was misleading because it failed to mention that Ghomeshi was required to issue an apology to one of the victims as part of the terms of a case against him that was settled. He also denied that the title ‘Reflections from a Hashtag’ was dismissive of the #MeToo movement, stated that the movement has resulted in ‘undesirable consequences,’ and said: ‘I’m no judge of the rights and wrongs of every allegation… The exact nature of [Ghomeshi’s] behavior — how much consent was involved — I have no idea, nor is it really my concern.’ Buruma subsequently left The New York Review of Books amid ‘outrage’ over his defense of the article. The Review later stated that it departed from its ‘usual editorial practices,’ as the essay ‘was shown to only one male editor during the editing process,’ and that Buruma’s statement to Slate about the staff of the Review ‘did not accurately represent their views.’

Naar aanleiding hiervan schreef Talya Zax, cultuurredactrice van de bekende joods-Amerikaanse publicatie The Forward, een ‘Memo To A Sexist Editor: You Are Not A Martyr,’ waarin zij ondermeer stelde:

What Buruma’s response reveals is that he wants, like Ghomeshi, to retain control of the narrative. The opposite of the so-called Twitter mob is the editorial process enshrined at publications like the New York Review of Books; that’s the process with which Buruma is familiar, so naturally it’s that which, even when he chooses to subvert it, he believes to be right. It’s also a process that, at the New York Review of Books as elsewhere, has often kept women from having a public platform for controversial opinions. Social media, despite its many ills, has created an arena in which women are able to air their justified outrage without shaping it to meet the editorial judgment of a man.  » Lees verder

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