‘Why Can’t They Take The Bus?’ – Davos Locals Furious As Limos Clog Streets


21-01-19 11:43:00,

We couldn’t imagine a struggle that better symbolizes the burgeoning conflict between the globalist “Davos Man”, who has flourished in the years since the financial crisis (largely because central banks helped transform it into a dip to buy), and regular, working people than the one highlighted this weekend by Bloomberg News in a report about the simmering anger locals feel toward the wealthy MOUs who flock to their mid-tier ski town for a few days every January to revel in the excesses of the stratified world these outsiders helped to create.

Davos locals are growing increasingly frustrated with the traffic congestion that the conferences attendees (it’s expected to draw 3,000 guests this year, the largest crowd in its history) and their limos bring to the town, with the 11,000 residents wondering why they can’t just take public transportation like Swiss central bankers and government ministers do?


Full-time residents of the town are baffled by why anyone traveling to Davos would choose to wear leather shoes, leaving them prone to slip and fall on the ice, instead of snow boots.

“People wear leather dress shoes and then use the limousines because they don’t want to slip on the ice,” said Ladina Alioth, a teacher and mother of three recently elected to the local legislature. She’s proud to host the WEF and but says last year it was too disruptive. “I wear boots and pack the shoes I wear indoors – why can’t they do that too?”

The four-day annual meeting on Magic Mountain kicks off on Jan. 22. Once the crowds head home, the Davos mayor’s office asks citizens what they want done better. Limos topped the 2018 complaints.

In a sense, these complaints might seem like biting the hand that feeds. After all, the WEF is a boon to local businesses and generates an estimated 2 million francs ($2 million) in tax revenue for the town. But that hasn’t stopped the townspeople from resisting an increase in security for the conference that would likely lead to even more congestion.

But given that many of the most important events associated with the conference – that is, the exclusive parties and cocktail receptions – are held far from down town Davos,

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