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05-02-19 01:57:00,

“The Americans need us only for the purpose of manipulation”

The former commander of the Polish Land Forces General Skrzypczak doubted the expediency of creating the American military base Fort Trump in Poland.

The Americans have their own interests – hoping to deter Russia by using Americans – that do not coincide with the expectations of Poland, explained the General.

“If the price [the appearance of a Fort Trump] is the fact that we will become quasi-allies of the Americans and suppliers of financial resources for their businesses, then a Fort Trump should not appear at all”

said the Polish General

The former commander also doubted the ability of Washington to come out as the winner in the conflicts that it provokes:

“Americans understand that beyond Iran there is China, and behind China there is Russia … Here everything is connected … America cannot win such a war”.

The US is trying to not allow the economic strengthening of Beijing in Europe and to disrupt the implementation of the Chinese infrastructure project “One Belt, One Road”. When fulfilling these tasks Washington tries to involve as many allies as possible. For example, suggesting to Poland to hold an anti-Iranian conference, without having invited representatives of Tehran.

“Why do we allow ourselves to be drawn into an anti-Iranian adventure, which is absolutely alien to us? Poland has no place in this. We are needed by the Americans today, but only for the purpose of manipulating us. Our diplomacy is so weak that it does not give an account of what levers the Americans use for the sake of achieving their goals”

noted the General

The “Nasdaq” website previously pointed out the interest of American weapons companies in the appearance of a Fort Trump in Poland. Against the background of negotiations on this topic between Washington and Warsaw, the stocks of weapons giants cooperating with the US State Department sharply increase. The stocks of the “Aero Vironment” company, which manufactures drones, rose in 2018 by 103%, “Engility Holdings” – by 21%, and “Aerojet Roketdyne Holdings” – by 8%. The Polish media says that a Fort Trump would be a pot of gold for the American military-industrial complex.

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