Venezuela – The Straw that Breaks the Empire’s Back?


12-02-19 04:22:00,

Venezuela – The Straw that Breaks
the Empire’s Back?

By Peter Koenig

February 10, 2019 “Information
Clearing House


Venezuela in the limelight, on
practically all the written, audio
and visual mainstream media, as well
as alternative media. A purposeful
constant drip of outright lies and
half-truths, “fake news”, as well as
misleading information of all shades
and hues about Venezuela is drumming
our brains, slowly bending our minds
towards believing that – yes, the US
has a vital interest in meddling in
Venezuela and bringing about “regime
change”, because of primarily, the
huge reserves of oil, but also of
gold, coltan and other rare
minerals; and, finally, simply
because Washington needs full
control of its “backyard”. –

and yes, there is a huge BUT, as
even some of the respected
progressive alternative media
pretend to know: Amidst all that
recognition of the AngloZionist
empire’s evil hands in Venezuela,
their ‘but’ claims that Venezuela,
specifically Presidents Chavez and
now Maduro, are not blameless in
their ‘economic chaos’. This
distorts already the entire picture
and serves the empire and all those
who are hesitant because they have
no clue, whom to support in this
antagonistic US attempt for regime

For example, one alternative news
article starts,

“It is true that some of
Venezuela’s economic problems are
due to the ineptitudes of the
Bolivarian government’s “socialist
command” economy, but this overlooks
the role played by the United
States, the United Nations, and the
European Union….”.

Bingo, with such a low-blow beginning,
the uninformed reader is already primed
to ‘discount’ much of the interference
by Washington and its minions. Some of
the-so-called progressive writers have
already been brain-smeared, by calling
Maduro a “dictator”, when in
fact, there is hardly any country
farther away from a dictatorship than

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