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One of the best examples of complete neglect of human, animal and environmental detrimental consequences by the mad and corrupt scientific/political tandem, when implementing useless and draconian forms of technology, is the field of wind turbines. Wind turbines are part of the seemingly ever growing herd of neglected giant elephants in the room regarding our deteriorating health and wellbeing. Similar to the insanity of the wireless assault on humanity and the rest of all living sentient beings, the unlimited planting of useless, monstrous, hyper expensive and, most importantly, pathogenic wind turbine parcs seems to go unchecked by the psychopathic puppets in power. Besides the fact that these utter repellent expressions of soulless corporate psychopathy serve the tyrannical and absurd UN sustainable agenda’s, they are the cause of yet another ignored epidemic of mad scientists/politicians caused disease; “Vibro Accoustic Disease”.

Industrial wind turbine development is being strongly supported by private interests due largely to government subsidies and artificial financial incentives, making wind turbine development possible, whereas otherwise it would completely fail on financial grounds alone. No Federal Government has performed a comprehensive assessment of the public health and safety concerns associated with the design and operation of industrial wind turbines. Yet they blindly continue to support wind turbine development through tax subsidies and other monetary incentives.

Many concerns have been expressed by real medical doctors around the world regarding the harmful effects to humans of operating industrial wind turbines. Published peer reviewed comprehensive information prepared by medical doctors, pathologists and engineers strongly warn of major physiological consequences of living too close to industrial wind turbines.

But just like electromagnetic sensitivity or health issues due to the blatant 24/7 spraying of our atmosphere with heavy metals and God knows what else, Vibro Accoustic Disease (VAD) as a result of living in the vicinity of wind turbines is completely ignored by todays community of state serving pseudo medical doctors. You will probably be diagnosed with ADD/ADHD or burnout and sent home with an arsenal of anti-depressants to your Wifi microwaved residence next to a wind turbine.

What is Vibro Acoustic Disease?

Vibroacoustic disease (VAD) is a whole-body, systemic pathology, characterized by the abnormal proliferation of extra-cellular matrices, and caused by excessive exposure to low frequency noise (LFN). VAD has been observed in LFN-exposed professionals,

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